USDA export sales were seen neutral for the soybean complex, lighter side for corn and within expectations for wheat. Text below the tables. 





Export Sales Highlights   


This summary is based on reports from exporters for the period June 19-25, 2020.


Wheat:  Net sales of 414,300 metric tons (MT) were reported for delivery in marketing year 2020/2021.  Increases primarily for Taiwan (89,300 MT, including decreases of 700 MT), Yemen (80,000 MT), Japan (55,000 MT, including decreases of 100 MT), Nigeria (52,800 MT), and Mexico (40,200 MT, including decreases of 8,000 MT), were offset by reductions for unknown destinations (27,500 MT).   For 2021/2022, net sales of 75,000 MT were reported for unknown destinations (67,000 MT) and Mexico (8,000 MT).   Exports of 508,600 MT were primarily to the Philippines (166,300 MT), Japan (78,900 MT, including 13,100 MT late – see below), Indonesia (58,200 MT), Nigeria (45,300 MT), and Mexico (36,600 MT).   Late Reporting:  For 2020/2021, exports to Japan (13,100 MT) were reported late.  


Corn:  Net sales of 361,100 MT for 2019/2020 were down 22 percent from the previous week and 32 percent from the prior 4-week average.  Increases primarily for Japan (240,100 MT, including 192,300 MT switched from unknown destinations and decreases of 1,800 MT), Mexico (168,300 MT, including 61,000 MT switched from unknown destinations and decreases of 14,900 MT), Colombia (75,100 MT, including 63,400 MT switched from unknown destinations and decreases of 200 MT), Peru (41,700 MT), and Tunisia (31,000 MT, including 30,000 MT switched from unknown destinations), were offset by reductions primarily for unknown destinations (282,600 MT).  For 2020/2021, net sales of 262,700 MT were primarily for unknown destinations (109,900 MT), Japan (100,500 MT), Mexico (22,400 MT), and Taiwan (13,500 MT).  Exports of 1,439,900 MT