EOX Market Data

European Natural Gas & Power Forward Curves

The European Gas and Power Forward Curves provide an independent and thorough view into the European Electricity and Natural Gas market. Curves are delivered via 5 daily run time reports providing customers an early start to their end of day processes. End of Day reports are the “closing” cut and suitable for mark to market runs in 3rd party ETRM systems.


The European Gas and Power model includes 42 fixed price locations, including Belgium, TTF, Austrian, German, Italian, NBP, French, Nordic, Spanish (Power), Swiss, UK, Greece, Hungary , Eastern European Locations, and much more.


  • Daily assessments available in monthly granularity and seasonal blocks
  • Balance of the month fixed prices
  • 7 European Natural Gas fixed price locations
  • 32 European Electricity locations
  • 121 month tenor produced daily
  • Spark spreads
  • Strips
  • Bid / Ask
  • 5 Daily model run times with assessments available for Intraday and European close