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announced sales of corn and soybeans.  Lower trade for the US agriculture markets, mainly on favorable US weather.  Jordan is seeing offers for wheat and Pakistan floated an import tender for wheat.  Argentina saw nice rains.  China was quiet over the weekend. 
Offshore values this morning were leading CBOT soybean oil 8 points lower and meal $1.00 lower.  Malaysian palm oil futures were near unchanged.  China soybean oil and palm were up 1.0% and 1.2%, respectively.




and Crop Progress




    • U.S.
      hard red winter wheat areas will be dry for the next ten days to two weeks and excessive heat and dryness has already depleted soil moisture
    • Montana
      and South Dakota wheat areas need greater moisture too
    • Russia’s
      Southern Region remains too dry for winter crop planting, although some brief showers will occur near the Ukrainian border over the coming week
    • Kazakhstan
      wheat areas are still critically dry in unirrigated areas and rain is unlikely for the next two weeks
    • Northeastern
      China continues to receive rain too frequently and summer crop maturation and harvesting remain slow, despite some weekend drying
    • South
      Africa winter crop areas need rain as do future spring planting areas
    • Brazil’s
      center west and center south crop areas will be dry into the middle of October further delaying the planting of early soybeans and some corn
    • Brazil
      coffee areas will experience little to no rain of significance for the next ten days and possibly out two weeks
    • Brazil
      temperatures will remain very warm to hot over the next ten days
    • Northwestern
      and west-central Argentina will remain too dry over the next ten days
    • Flooding
      rain may impact a part of far southern Mexico and Central America in the next ten days to two weeks
    • A
      tropical cyclone may form in the Caribbean Sea later this week
    • Frost
      and freezes occurred in a part of eastern Australia Sunday and today
    • Southern
      Argentina received significant weekend rain easing dryness and improving crop and field working potentials
    • Rain
      fell in much of Europe easing long term dryness in several areas and more is expected
    • Ukraine
      has received some rain and more will fall over the coming week to improve winter crop planting and establishment conditions
    • Net
      drying is expected later this week in the U.S. Delta and southeastern states benefiting areas that have been too wet in recent weeks
  • Frost
    and a few light freezes in eastern Australia wheat, barley and canola areas Sunday and today likely had  low impact on the majority of crops, but an assessment of the impact will be needed
    • Most
      lows were in the 30s and lower 40s Fahrenheit and some of the crop in New South Wales was in a sensitive state of development
      • World
        Weather, Inc. anticipates a very low impact, but some negative impact cannot be ruled out of a few areas
  • Argentina
    received some much needed rain late last week and during the weekend easing long term dryness in the south, but the north was left hot and dry
    • Rainfall
      of 1.50 to 4.63 inches occurred Thursday through dawn today from a part of northern La Pampa and southeastern Cordoba to northern and central Buenos Aires, including southernmost Santa Fe and southernmost Entre Rios.
    • Rainfall
      farther south in southern Buenos Aires varied from 0.50 to 1.50 inches except near the coast of Buenos Aires east of Bahia Blanca where 0.35 to 0.50 inch resulted
    • The
      rain was excellent in bolstering soil moisture for much improved wheat and barley development and improved early season corn and sunseed planting potentials
    • Northern
      Argentina reported very little rain and was warm to hot temperatures with extreme highs in the 90s to 110 degrees Fahrenheit
      • The
        heat accelerated drying and raised the need for significant rain in cotton, corn, sunseed and other crop areas
  • Argentina
    rainfall over the next couple of weeks will favor the northeast part of the nation, although some other areas will get a few showers
    • Resulting
      rainfall will not be very great in central, southern or western areas and more moisture will be needed
    • Drought
      will remain a serious concern in central and northern Cordoba, Santiago del Estero, parts of Santa Fe and neighboring areas
    • October
      7-8 is the earliest opportunity for follow up rain in the previously driest areas in central and southern parts of the nation
  • Brazil
    weekend temperatures were hot in the central and west with extreme highs in the 90s to 108 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Most
      of the nation was dry except in central and southern Rio Grande do Sul where 0.15 to 1.10 inches resulting