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announced 100,000 tons of soybeans were sold to Mexico for 2021-22 delivery under the 24-hour announcement system. 


are seeing follow through selling on improving US weather.  Corn is mixed amid mostly higher wheat.  Soybean oil is rebounding from a higher lead in offshore values while meal is on the defensive from product spreading and softer Rotterdam meal values.  Weather
outlook looks wetter for the late weekend into early next week for the Plains.  The Midwest will see erratic rains through Tuesday.  There were no notable export developments since Thursday.  Russia’s AgMin noted wheat yields averaged 3.45 tons per hectare
as of July 20, down from 3.47 tons a year earlier. Malaysia will leave unchanged their export tax rate on crude palm oil at 8% for August from July.  China sold 8,207 tons of imported GMO corn at auction, only 4% of what was offered.  After the CBOT close
cattle on feed will be released. 






looks wetter for the late weekend into early next week for the Plains.  The Midwest will see erratic rains through Tuesday. 



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  • Typhoon
    In-Fa will produce horrific rain and flooding to Zhejiang this weekend before moving north northeast toward northeastern China.
    • Port
      activity in the Shanghai area will be disrupted for a few days.
  • Flooding
    in interior China will slowly abate in the coming week and the assessments of crop and property damage will begin.
  • India
    has a monsoon depression that will produce heavy rain from Madhya Pradesh into Gujarat and southern Rajasthan this weekend with another system moving across central India one week later.
    • Both
      events in India may result in flooding.
  • The
    risk of crop damaging cold in Brazil coffee, citrus and sugarcane areas was reduced today over that of Thursday because of cloudiness and some showers that will occur in the July 30-Aug. 2 period.
  • U.S.
    weather will continue warm and dry in the Plains and western Corn Belt during this first week while showers occur in the eastern Midwest.
    • Week
      two U.S. Midwest weather will bring some showers and thunderstorms to a part of the Corn Belt, but western areas will continue a little drier biased while the east is plenty moist.
    • Texas
      will continue to dry down and heat up over the coming week
    • The
      far western states will stay dry and warm
    • A
      good mix of weather is expected in the Delta and southeastern states
  • Europe
    is still expecting wet weather to resume today through early next week
  • Parts
    of Russia and Ukraine will dry out over the coming week to ten days. 
  • Much
    of Canada’s Prairies will remain dry biased, although rain will occur next week in northern and western Alberta
    • Greater
      than expected rain fell in a small part of interior southeastern Saskatchewan Thursday evening
  • Australia’s
    weather will remain favorably mixed in the south, but Queensland and northern New South Wales are waiting for more rain
  • Ghana
    and Ivory Coast will continue to dry out over the next two weeks
  • Thailand
    rainfall has improved and will continue for a few days and then trend drier again
  • Portions
    of Indonesia are getting restricted rainfall and may soon need more rain

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