PDF attached includes Broiler Report charts, Cattle on Feed estimates and USDA export sales charts


weather is the primary focus for the CBOT agriculture markets.  Rumors China bought a small amount of US agriculture goods was in play yesterday, but we can’t confirm sales.  USDA export sales were ok for soybeans, low for corn, SBM & SBO, and good for wheat. 









  • No
    change in the general theme of weather was noted overnight
    • Many
      areas in the Plains, Midwest, Delta and southeastern states will get rain over the next ten days
      • Relief
        from recent drying and heat will be welcome
      • Subsoil
        moisture will be conserved
      • Increases
        in topsoil moisture are likely
  • Drier
    and warmer weather is expected to evolve in the Plains during the last days of June and early July
    • Parts
      of the western Corn Belt and Delta will also be involved with this drier bias in early July
  • West
    Texas dryland cotton, corn, peanut and sorghum areas will receive some rain periodically in the next ten days, but it will be erratic with some counties getting significant amounts while many others mostly light rainfall
    • Temperatures
      will be very warm most days and that will keep daily evaporation rates high and limit the period of benefit from any rain that falls



  • No
    significant theme changes were noted overnight
  • Rain
    will be diminishing over the next few days in western Europe as a high pressure ridge builds into the region
  • Rain
    will occur most frequently and significantly in eastern Europe through the weekend
  • High
    pressure ridge over western Europe this weekend will expand to dominate much of Europe next week
  • Ridge
    is advertised to be progressive with it shifting into the western CIS in the last days of this month
    • This
      shift to the east allows rain to return in western Europe in the last days of June and early July with a new high pressure ridge coming into the far west part of Europe July 4
  • This
    solution differs from that of the 00z model run in which there is no ridge advertised in western Europe in the early days of July
  • Rain
    was reduced in northwestern Russia, the Baltic States, Belarus and Poland June 28-30
    • This
      change was needed
  • GFS
    was wetter in Scandinavia and in southeastern Europe July 1-2
    • These
      increases were not expected to verify
  • Drying
    is most likely in far eastern Ukraine and northern and eastern portions of Russia’s Southern Region into Kazakhstan during the coming ten days; there might also be some drying in far northwestern Russia in time


overall bottom line brings drying to many areas in western Europe during the weekend and early to mid-week next week and to northeastern Europe briefly during the latter part of next week and into the following weekend. The drier bias may be welcome in the
east along with rising temperatures. Northwestern Europe may not welcome the drier and warmer conditions for very long because of some pockets of low soil moisture still present in a part of France, the U.K. and Germany. As long as rain is quick to resume
in early July the dry down will be more beneficial than detrimental, but if the ridge prevails longer than expected that would lead to crops stress in July. World Weather, Inc. believes far western and southern parts of Europe are not very likely to be dry
for very long. Northeastern Europe could dry down for a while during July, but that is speculation for now.  World Weather, Inc. is more interested in northeastern Europe and the northwestern CIS as well as Russia’s Southern Region for dryness issues in late
June and July.



  • Frosty
    conditions occurred this morning, but limited weather data was available and details of the temperatures was not available
  • Frost
    will occur in the central eastern New Lands again Friday and in West Siberia Saturday
  • No
    general theme changes to the weather were noted over the next ten days in today’s forecast model runs
    • Rain
      will fall frequently immediately following the cool weather for the next ten days
      • Temperatures
        will be cooler biased while rain falls periodically
    • Soil
      moisture improvements will come slowly, but some benefit is expected to a part of the drier biased area near the Kazakhstan border
  • A
    ridge of high pressure is advertised over the western parts of the New Lands beginning in the last weekend of this month and lingering in the first days of July
    • The
      change will bring warmer and drier weather to the western New Lands in the June 28-July 1 period with some rain possible in West Siberia where cool weather may still be lingering
  • The
    00z GFS model run suggested a more notable ridge would advance from west to east across the New Lands, but that solution was not very likely



  • No
    general theme changes were noted overnight
    • The
      North China Plain and the northern half of the Yellow River Basin will see the driest weather through Monday, but some rain may impact eastern parts of the region during mid-week next week
      • Some
        of the advertised rain is overdone for Shandong where 2.00 to 4.00 inches has been advertised in the past two GFS model runs
  • Heavy
    rain is still expected in the Yangtze River Basin over the next ten days resulting in new flooding, although the rain is spread out over multiple days
    • The
      European model is still suggesting 7.00 to more than 12.00 inches over the next ten days