HOUSTON (December 12, 2016) – Choice Natural Gas, a subsidiary of OTC Global Holdings (OTCGH), has been named “Best Broker in Weather Risk Management in North America” by Environmental Finance. Led by Director of Weather Markets Nick Ernst, Choice was recognized for its excellence in weather risk management after performing exceptionally well in the 2016 Environmental Finance Annual Market Rankings.

“It is incredibly gratifying to be honored as the premier broker in weather risk management. This recognition is evidence of our hard work to ensure our clients receive the best data, transparency and service possible so they can mitigate financial risk in commodities,” said Ernst.

Choice’s award was another highlight to a successful year for OTCGH in 2016. In addition to being named “Broker of the Year” by Energy Risk, the company also upgraded EOXLive active markets, its proprietary commodities trading platform that provides traders and risk managers with unique information and liquidity previously unavailable on any screen. In addition, it brokered the first power options trade on the Nasdaq Futures Exchange (NFX), expanded Aalpha Energy London with the formation of an oil options desk, grew P&P Oil via the formation of a physical middle distillates desk, and set multiple trade volume records on EOXLive.

“We pride ourselves in investing in premier talent and technology, which enables us to best support and serve our clients and in turn earns us recognition as the best in the business,” said Javier Loya, Chairman and CEO of OTCGH. “Choice and Nick have contributed significantly to OTCGH’s success and continued growth in today’s challenging market, and we will continue this into 2017 and beyond as we celebrate 10 years of dominance.”

For more information about Choice or OTCGH visit www.otcgh.com

About OTC Global Holdings

Formed in 2007, OTC Global Holdings has become the world’s largest independent institutional broker of commodities, covering financial and physical instruments from offices in Chicago, Des Moines, Geneva, Houston, London, Louisville, New Jersey and New York.  The company is a leading liquidity provider on CBOT, ICE, NYMEX and NFX, ranking number one amongst its peers in numerous derivatives contracts across biofuels, emissions, commodity index products, crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), metals, petrochemicals and refined products, power, proppants, soft commodities, and weather derivatives.  The company serves more than 450 institutional clients, including over 70 members of the Global Fortune 500, and transacts in hundreds of different commodity delivery points in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

To learn more about the company, please visit www.otcgh.com or go to https://youtu.be/5h6AlVHsyRM.


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